Good flavor is what we are all about!


For over thirty years we have been dedicated to what we do best: The production of original Greek cheese and yogurt specialties.

We only use the best ingredients directly from the farmers of the region and process them directly on site - and you can taste that. Not least for this reason we are among the market leaders in Europe when it comes to Mediterranean dairy products. By the way, we also arrived in Cyprus in the meantime and produce the original GRECO Halloumi in finest quality for you here.

Eat well!


What makes our products so delicious?

Not only the constant quality controls in our laboratories, the gentle processing directly in the country of manufacture, but also the omission of any kind of preservatives, colorings or artificial flavorings. It tastes like a holiday and has secured us DLG awards for years. By the way: Organic products and lactose-free products are just as much a part of our “menu” as vegetarian and gluten-free taste bombs. Bon Appetit!

Less talk –more action!


We have been supporting our dairy farmers throughout the region for years and can be proud to secure their livelihood sustainably. Completely unbureaucratic and sensible such as support for weddings and other family celebrations, becauseGRECO is simply part of it. But we are also active in “Good old Germany”. We have been supporting the “Tafel” nationwide for years. Learn more about our social projects and visit us on Facebook

Our savings at a glance

“GRECO?What else?“

Food service:

No matter if pre-cut feta cubes or in one block - GRECO is ideal for gastronomic demands! Our professional chef looks at it the same way, because in his errands around Mediterranean products the following applies to him:

GRECO? What else?

He explains it this way: “The great variety of products and extraordinary quality, coupled with the fair price, are perfect for the gastro kitchen - especially the larger portions are hard to get in such quality”.