Salmon with GRECO strained yogurt 10% and coarse mustard

Ingredients for four persons:

600 g salmon
40 g tandoori paste
100 g GRECO strained yogurt 10 %
100 g coarse mustard
160 g mango, diced


Cut salmon into 4 portions.
Brush lightly with tandoori paste on the top and bottom and let sit for at least 30 minutes.
Mix GRECO yogurt and mustard.
Pre-heat the oven to approx. 200 degrees.

Fry the salmon on both sides at high heat, remove from the pan and brush the yogurt-mustard mixture on the top.

In the oven, broil with the broil function approx. 4-5 min depending on the thickness of the salmon.

Boil green Thai asparagus in water for approx. 4 min.

Mash the rest of the mango with a fork and carefully mix it with the diced mango. Season the mango mixture with a pinch of salt and a little chili.

Serve and enjoy.