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Knowledge to our creamy yoghurt

GRECO Greek strained yoghurt

GRECO Greek strained yoghurt

This traditional product referred to as “strained yoghurt” still today, because in the early years they used to wrap the yoghurt into burlap bags after its production in order to drain it, until it lost a larger part of its humidity.

Today due to hygienic reasons the larger part of its humidity is extracted by industrial processing. Due to this production method the yoghurt gains its compact consistency as well as exceptional creamy taste.

As for all Greco products, no additives, dyestuffs, sugars or preservatives are used, but exclusively fresh milk, cream and live yoghurt cultures.

The yoghurt is unique in its application. With fresh fruits as well as with honey and nuts (classic Greek dessert), it is the crowning glory of every meal. Also it can be used for cooking, as basis for delicate sauces and salad dressings or Tzatziki.

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