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Greek Tzatziki

Tzatziki is one of the most famous dishes in the world and is found in Greek cuisine. There, as well as in other countries, it is served as a tasty starter or as a side dish for various dishes. As with all Greco products no additives, colorings, sugar or preservatives are used – the production of our original Greek tzatziki is no exception to that. We use only fresh cucumbers, garlic, oil, a little salt and our creamy yoghurt which gives the Tzatziki its creamy, solid consistency.

How is Tzatziki prepared?

The traditional recipe consists of simple ingredients and can easily be made at home. Firstly, peel a cucumber and grate it roughly. After that, peel one piece of garlic and grate it finely. The cucumber and garlic rasps are wrapped in kitchen towel and the resulting liquid is poured away.

The cucumber and garlic rasps are then mixed with the Greco creamy yoghurt, well salted and peppered. For finetuning, you can cut and add a little dill. The Tzatziki is left in the fridge overnight.

Tzatziki is the ideal base in any kitchen and can be combined with various dishes. If you have a taste for our traditional Tzatziki, you can get more information in the “Products” section.

You can find more tasty recipes here http://greco-taste.com/english/recipes/.

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