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Loumini grilled cheese

The traditional Halloumi originally comes from Cyprus and is primarily known in the eastern countries of the Mediterranean area. In these countries it is eaten for breakfast and served with fried eggs. Also in Germany the firm cheese is very popular. Especially in summer it is not to be missed at barbecues. Many people love our delicious LOUMINI grilled cheese and its variousness in preparation. The special taste is caused by the mixture of cows’, sheep and goat milk. Its semisolid consistency is achieved during the special manufacturing process.

How is Halloumi cheese produced?

For the production of Halloumi, the milk is first pasteurized at approx. 70°C after delivery. Subsequently, it is thickened at a temperature of 36°C with a mixture of water and salt. After this step, the jelly is cut and the curt is heated again together with the whey. After the mixture has been put into a perforated form, the whey can flow off. The curd is pressed, squared and left to rest for some time. Then the molds are boiled again for about ten minutes in the whey. The cheese receives its unique taste by being pressed with fresh mint leaves, folded and pressed. Due to the essential oils contained in the mint leaves the cheese has a longer shelf life.

The special feature of Halloumi is its semi-solid consistency, which does not melt when heated and can therefore be prepared in many ways. For thickening, no lactic acid cultures are added to the cheese and the enzyme activity of the rennet is stopped when cooled in whey. The key point here is that the pH-value remains above 5.9 and the cheese can’t melt.

How does the LOUMINI grilled cheese taste?

Our LOUMINI grilled cheese has a similar structure as mozzarella, though is more firm in its consistency. The taste is similar to feta, though a little milder and less salty. The LOUMINI grilled cheese is made of pasteurized cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. This makes the milky-creamy flavor so special and the cheese gets a wonderful aroma by the addition of fresh mint leaves. Due to its high temperature of fusion LOUMINI grilled cheese can be grilled, baked in the pan or oven and boiled in oil or water.

Try out our LOUMINI grilled cheese recipe variations, which you can read at http://greco-taste.com/english/recipes/other/.

Average nutrition facts of LOUMINI grilled Cheese per 100 grams:

calorific value1348 kJ
calories322 kcal
protein22 g
carbohydrate2,5 g
fat25 g

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