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Organic Feta


The difference between conventional and organic (or ecological) manufactured dairy products starts at the breeding. This is how it is provided in the ecological regulation from the European Union. For example it is mandatory, that the animals must be enabled to have access to walk- and grassland.

In Greece though, where the Greco products are manufactured, it is anyway the case (also for conventional breeding) that the animals have access to walk-and graze land the whole year through.

Certainly this is related to the climatic conditions, because there is blazing heat in the stable.

Furthermore when animals sicken they have to pre-draw herbal from chemical medication, the chemical mediation have at least to be reduced to a minimum.

The biggest difference is surely seen at the animal feeding. According to the law the animals must be fed entirely from organic farming. As far as possible, animal feedstuff shall be produced at their own farms. The animal feeding may have mixed in maximum 10% of concentrate, 90% of the feeding must be from roughage (grass, hay, silage).

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