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Shelf life of dairy products

At the dairy raw milk is processed into various dairy products. Through heat treatment (pasteurization) the durability of products gets extended.

What does durability mean?

To inform customers about the shelf life of dairy products, manufacturer mostly use the following terminology: the use-by date and the best-before date. The best-before date is most common and applies to sealed packages and product-specific storage. This period of time merely indicates the date on which the product properties the manufacturer advertises with cannot be guaranteed anymore.

After purchase, the customer should optimally store feta cheese, yoghurt and milk. This means the uncooled period should be reduced to a minimum. The storage conditions are essential to the indicated timespan for the product to be enjoyable.

The best-before date cannot be compared to the use-by date. The use-by date indicates the date the product should no longer be consumed. This usually applies to products that are perishable, e. g. raw milk or meat.

Tips for the consumer

Products that have passed the best-before date do not necessarily have to be disposed. There are indicators that signalize products are still enjoyable past the best-before date. Indicators such as smell, optics and taste. A clear reference for renouncing the product is for example a substantial change of color within the dairy products.

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