New in GRECO

Original Greek tzatziki, made according to ancient recipe and from our traditional Greek strained yogurt with 10% fat. As with all GRECO products we do not use any artifical additives like preservatives or thickeners such as gelatin at all!
100% natural AND original Greek?! You only find this at GRECO!

GRECO Tzatziki

Our protein bomb

So delicious protein has never been! Our original Greek strained yogurt from fresh pasteurized cow's milk with only 2% fat but nearly 9% protein.
Without sugar, dyes, or preservatives. Health-conscious may be soo delicious!

Original Greek strained yogurt

Modern Classics

Our original Greek Feta made from sheep and goat milk impresses with its creamy, aromatic flavor. The variety of usability makes it a best seller in the GRECO range. Meanwhile, our favorite Feta cheese is also available in delicious Organic Feta, Lactose-free Feta and in Light product with less fat.

Original griechischer Feta

Even Creamier

Discover our creamy original Greek yoghurts assortment. Now available tasty sheep yogurt with 6% fat or even refined with finest vanilla. And let’s not forget our Organic Yoghurt made from the best goat milk. These three products are also suitable for cow's milk allergy sufferer. New in GRECO assortment; Strained Yoghurt with 10% fat due to its creamy firm texture it is even used for warm cooking. Our Yoghurts are so creamy and firm, even your spoon will get stuck!

Entdecken Sie unsere cremigsten Schafs- und Ziegenjoghurt Sorten

The New Grill Trend

Since April 2013, our Loumini is the Greek response to the Cypriot Halloumi. The tasty grilled cheese which is made from pure cow's, goat's and sheep's milk, is now even more juicy and flatters the palate with its unique taste. Best straight from the grill or pan-fried, for gourmets - and those who want to become!

Loumini - Der neue Grill-Hit

Welcome to the world of great greek taste.

"Original Greek" is indeed more than others have to show, but still not enough for us. The reliable product quality made GRECO in many countries leading Feta brand. For our products, everything starts with the Greek sheep’s’ and goats’ milk. All ingredients used are analyzed in our accredited laboratories prior to processing. For the production of all GRECO products we don’t use any preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings. - Good appetite.

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